Length: 51,7 km
Elevation: 1500 m
Route that crosses the main towns and attractions of the Langhe, passing through Alba, and visiting Neive, Treiso, Barbaresco, and Coazzolo.

This 50 km circular MTB route traverses some of the most enchanting areas of Piedmont, known for its vineyard landscapes and rich gastronomic traditions. It features paved sections alternated with easy dirt roads suitable for all.

Starting from Castagnole delle Lanze in the province of Asti (13 km away from Lindhouse in Govone), it then passes through Coazzolo, famous for David Tremlett’s Moscato Chapel and the scenic Vigna dei Pastelli.¬† Mango with its castle is home to the Enoteca Regionale del Moscato d’Asti. It then crosses Neviglie, which hosts Jean Marie Appriou’s “The Traveler” and preserves the altar piece by Macrino d’Alba dating back to the early 16th century.

In Treiso, one can admire the spectacular Rocche dei Sette Fratelli, a few kilometers from Alba, famous for its truffles and as a significant center of Barolo wine. The route then goes through Barbaresco, another jewel of the region famous for its namesake wine, where it’s possible to climb the scenic Tower. The tour is completed by the medieval village of Neive, renowned for its historical architecture and wineries.

We recommend concluding the tour with a tasting stop at the Dogliotti 1870 winery in Castagnole delle Lanze (Tuesday to Saturday by appointment).

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Alto MonferratoRoero

Roero e Alto Monferrato in MTB

Route that crosses the main villages of Roero, its famous Rocche, and skirts the Monferrato area. It passes through Govone, San Martino Alfieri, San Damiano d’Asti, Cisterna d’Asti, Canale, Castellinaldo, Magliano Alfieri, and Priocca.

Length: 47,6 km
Elevation: 830 m

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